Our mission

Purpose Driven Sleep

It's what we think makes our bedding the best in the world and the best for the world.

Designed to be more than just luxurious and more than just sustainable. Our products help create a feeling of wellness whilst helping the natural world thrive.

Our mission and goal is to build a business with a 100% ethical supply chain and production, 100% sustainable and organic products, and one which makes meaningful charitable donations to global sustainability initiatives. This is underpinned by being awarded Best for the World 2022 by BCorp.

Bedding. The really good stuff.

With almost 3,000 reviews from delighted customers who have had

their sleep transformed, our goal is to become the market leader in our


The household textiles market is a huge and growing market, with more people shopping online than ever before. In the UK the market size is £1.1Billion and £52Billion globally.

Our eucalyptus sheets  are made using 20x less water, around 40% less non-renewable energy, 

 less farmable land than cotton  and carbon neutral.